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Microsoft implements New Commerce Experience (NCE) subscription

In July this year, Microsoft implemented several sweeping changes to their Microsoft Office 365 platform.

This involved adjusting the buying experience for its customers with a new model for subscription licensing called the “New Commerce Experience” (NCE).

If you’re not already aware, please note that these licensing changes have altered the terms and conditions of your previous Microsoft subscription and a new pricing structure has been implemented.

The new NCE subscription involves:

  • Price increases across the majority of products.
  • A minimum 1-year commitment term (paid monthly):
    • Monthly commitment terms will be available for some products. However, Microsoft will charge higher fees for the convenience of these monthly payments. If you still prefer the monthly payment system, please let us know ASAP.
  • No ability to reduce license counts during the commitment term.
    • If you add a new license this becomes a new count.
  • No ability to change providers (what is known as a “change of channel”) during the commitment term.
  • No ability to cancel a new license after 24 hours.
  • Your subscription will auto-renew with the same seat count and for the same term and otherwise on the same basis.

If you have any questions relating to your NCE subscription licensing model, please contact T4 Group on 1300 765 014 for a further discussion.