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We’re in business

Your business

If you’re an Aged Care Provider who understands the difference between basic IT support and the value of a dedicated IT partner, then we’re in business – your business!

For the past 20 years, T4 Group has solved IT issues for companies right across Australia.

We offer an IT task force designed specifically to service the aged care industry; we understand your unique needs and challenges. And importantly, we explain things in plain English, not techno-jargon, so you know exactly what to expect.

Our team prides itself on offering a responsive, professional, and premium IT service.

Client testimonials demonstrate our close attention to detail, as well as the focus we place on ensuring systems remain safe, secure and productive.
We know the past few years have been tough – especially for the aged care industry. We also understand your computer networks and systems play a critical role in the ongoing success and operational continuity of your facilities. 
Outdated computers slow down productivity, unsecured networks compromise clients’ sensitive data to hacking and prehistoric software will cause regular headaches for staff, not to mention serious compliance issues.

What we deliver

We understand the new approach of providing Aged Care is in line with how many of the premium hotels operate. These days, Aged Care providers require a combination of technologies that:

  • Supports end-to-end technology needs to keep residents safe and secure. 
  • Delivers everything your business administration needs to function efficiently. 
  • Manages entertainment systems, WiFi, phones, and other critical functions that contribute to the overall experience of Aged Care residents.
Our expert aged care team is across all variations of technology and we can walk you through specific software platforms you require – including key functions such as online bookings, results, referrals, and inventory.
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We can also help you effectively control your security to remain compliant with privacy and technology. 

Our objective is to be your trusted technology consultant, installation specialist, and service desk all in one. 
Whether you need help deciding on new technology investments or strategy to improve support with your current tech, we can assist run your facilities much more efficiently. 
We want you to understand we’re not just the reactive tech guy – we’re your proactive and comprehensive IT Partner!
At T4 Group, we promise peace-of-mind your IT is secure, supported and fully utilised. Now you know we’re behind you, you can get on with providing the best possible aged care to your residents.  

Not Sure Where to Start?

Book in a 15 min call to discuss your business needs and challenges.