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IT Delivered. Business Secured.

We’re all about helping business leaders get back to doing their actual jobs instead of reluctantly taking on the role of an IT professional. 

Did you know we’ve been around for the past 20 years, solving technology challenges for companies in a variety of industries, nationwide?

We assume you searched for us because you’ve recognised your company needs a trusted and reliable IT partner. Well, you’ve come to the right place because we have vast experience ensuring computer systems are safe, secure, up-to-date and maximised for total productivity.
T4 Group is the result of Managing Director, Iain Enticott’s vision to provide international quality IT strategy, performance and solutions to Australian companies. T4 Group specialises in specific industries, such as professional services and health care but services other industries as well. 
Iain’s many years of grueling fitness training and coaching in various sporting clubs prepared him well for running a successful business. 
Hard work and dedication have seen T4 Group go from strength-to-strength over the past 20 years. This is because Iain understands that every client’s needs are unique, and his team explains things in plain English, not techno-jargon, so clients are never left in the dark.

Iain’s vision has seen the role of ‘IT provider’ progress from basic service delivery to one of a respected business partnership with his clients.

By working closely with senior partners and business owners, Iain has changed the face of the IT industry from a basic trade practise to an elite business discipline. 
This required making his customer service team the best in the business, armed with a tech support crew who are forward-thinking and client centric. 
T4 Group is not only a sophisticated IT business but a flagship example of what it means to have cultural change in an industry. Iain has cultivated a team of forward-thinking tech superstars who are 100% dedicated to their clientele.
Iain has been a renowned industry leader for many years, writing for various publications such as Accounting Technician Magazine, Accountancy Insurance Newsletter, and various other online websites on Cybersecurity, Cloud Computing, and Technology Planning. 
He is also an award-winning, co-author of Amazon Best Seller – On Thin Ice – which was published in November 2020.
T4 Group’s ongoing vision is that technology should always drive your company’s productivity. 

That’s why T4 Group’s journey has never wavered from leveraging technology, so a company performs at its maximum potential. 
T4 Group is your Technology Success Provider. We want to help you meet and exceed all your business goals.

If you have the right IT partner by your side, the old complaint of “experiencing constant IT issues” becomes a thing of the past. And that’s our job.


– Iain Enticott

Our Team is here to support you.


Iain Enticott

Managing Director


Dan Egglestone

Chief Technology Officer


Kirby Armstrong

Sales Support & Procurement


Jason Schielke

Technology Success Manager


Zack Van Der Linde

Technology Alignment Manager


Joshua Ford

Project Engineer


Ben Williams

Project Engineer


Donnie Casiles

Professional Services Engineer


Phillip Hoiles

Senior Service Desk Engineer


Sami Abdul

Service Desk Engineer


Christopher Arceo

Centralised Services Engineer


Rachelle Marin

Centralised Services Engineer


Marc Marin

Centralised Services SecOps Engineer


Cara Smith

Client Care Specialist


Krizzia Quezada

Administration Assistant


Trish Taveira

Chief Financial Officer


Oscar Clift

Customer Experience Team Leader

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